Most Popular Wood Used For Timber Decks

Which Is The Best Wood To Use For Decks?

For the perfect house, you need the perfect timber deck. When you come back home tired after a long day of work, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in an arm chair on your deck sipping hot coffee and looking at the stars.

A deck has to be durable and stylish at the same time. Unless it is durable, it puts you at the risk of falling. It is an elevated surface made of timber or lumber which is attached to the house.

There are different varieties of wood that you can choose from when you are constructing your timber deck. If you need professional advice call Pro Decks Brisbane and they will help you choose the best timber for your decking. They also offer a free in home consultation service. In addition they can provide a computer aided design so you know exactly how your deck will look before you build it.

Popular Wood Used For Timber Decks

So what are the most popular wood used for timber decks?

Most Popular Wood Used For Timber Decks


Jarrah is one of the most expensive variants available in the market but is also one of the best. For those who do not like to compromise quality for anything, Jarrah is the perfect decking timber. It has a beautiful woody shade, and the colour spectrum is wide.

You will find light browns, dark browns and even reds. Jarrah also changes into a delightful shade of grey over time. Fire-resistant and durable, it is not only a luxurious choice but also a practical one.



A tight-grained tropical hardwood, Mahogany is effective in combating pests. It can also prevent rot. If you treat it with some marine oil, then it will appear like teak. If left untreated, it will age to an elegant silvery hue that will look perfectly natural.

Mahogany has a large number of varieties, and all of them have a specific set of qualities. If you do your research, you will know which particular mahogany will suit your purposes.



This particular type of timber is also called Goncalo Alves. This decking wood is called so because it has a brownish-orange background with a number of dark stripes.

You will love how much it resembles the body of a tiger. The wood in moisture-resistant which makes it the ideal choice in a number of climates. While the pattern looks good, it is not easy to get a consistent appearance because of the stripes.

While it looks great when assembled properly, the wood itself can be difficult to handle. However, if you prefer a smooth texture and a sophisticated look, then this is for you.

 Timber Decks

Treated pine

It is a reasonably priced but super popular decking timber and will give you the deck you have been dreaming. Pine also takes to colours well which means that you will be able to customise your deck with different colours.

However, it is essential that you choose the correct variant of treated pine as not all of them are advised for outdoor use. Its versatility and affordability make treated pine a good decking choice.

You will find that it lightweight and easy to work with. However, it needs yearly maintenance if you want it to last.



IPE wood is suitable for every weather and every environment. One of the hardest tropical woods in the world, it is also the most durable which would make your deck absolutely safe for movement.

Touted by some as the premium decking wood, it is on the more expensive but only because of its flawless performance.

After considering everything, you can make an informed choice as to which kind of wood you want to use for your decking.


Moving Companies

Looking for Moving Companies?

Looking for Moving Companies?

Packing and moving can prove to be a very tedious job – especially if you do not do it in the right way. If you’re worried about the big moving day, these tips are sure to help. Know how to organize it all and can make the whole move, without any worries.

We will take a look at the whole moving experience in two parts – one, where you have to pack up things first, and two, what you need to do on the moving day.

Moving Companies

The Top Reasons to Call Brisbane removalists

The first step towards packing is eliminating all those items which you do not need any longer. Local Brisbane removalists Scottys The Movers can help you pack all things properly, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Here is how they can help.

  • You can get specially designed cartons from your packer and use them for all your packing instead of using the normal cartons. Read more here to know more how to hire a packer.


  • This will ensure that you safely pack your belongings. You can also use clothes and bedcovers as cushioning for other things while packing.


  • Place this cloth at the bottom of the carton, fill it up with other items and then cover with more cloth, which will help to absorb shock.


  • Mark those things which are fragile carefully, pack them separately and send them for moving under proper supervision.


  • Notify your packer beforehand, and make sure that he identifies the fragile cartons before the moving starts.


  • Do not put excess weight in one carton and leave the other absolutely light. Books can prove to be quite heavy, so it is advisable to divide them into different cartons evenly.


  • No matter how small or significant the item is, refrain from using plastic or trash bags for packing anything. Pack your cartons firmly and till the top. Leaving room in cartons can prove to be dangerous.


  • You should always start packing with those items which are out of season.


  • Move onto items that are used less frequently and end with those things which you need regularly.


  • Label all cartons, so you do not have problems in unpacking.


Always remember not to pack jewellery, money, important papers or any such valuable in cartons while moving. It is best to put them all in a suitcase or box and carry with them in person.

Moving Tips

Choose your furniture movers or apartment movers carefully. Talk to family, friends or relatives who have just moved to a new place and ask them about their experience.

Find out about licensed movers or moving companies from the Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The first thing to do after you have planned to move out is to give your movers as much notice as you can.

Moving Companies

Talk to your mover and tell then when do you exactly wish to move and how much luggage do you plan to move. This will help your mover give you the right estimate and ensure that they have their cargos set out for you on time.

Always be available on the site when the loading and unloading take place. Keep in mind the condition of the cartons when being packed and check whether they are in the same condition or not when being delivered.

You mover may be able to provide with people who can disconnect and reconnect huge electronic appliances like washer, dryer or television. Take their help to ensure that the thing gets transported safely.

Talk to your movers about their insurance policy and how much would they pay if anything gets damaged. Try “Scottys The Movers” – their customer-centric approach means that they take care of you all the way, ensuring that whether it’s packing on the big moving day, you’ve nothing to worry about.…

8 Electrical Safety Tips Homeowners Should Know

7 Electrical Safety Tips Homeowners Should Know

Best Electrical Safety Tips

Electricity is quite an important resource to our homes but can be very harmful if not properly handled. Most of electricity related accidents that occur in homes are due to ignorance involved while handling the electric systems.

Having a home electrical safety inspection regularly is always a good way to keep you and your family safe from electrical accidents.

However, even with the electrical safety inspections homeowners are still left with a role to play in keeping their homes free from electric oversights.

electricity tips homeowners should know

Electrical Safety Tips1. All Electrical Equipment should be In Order

One of the causes for closed circuits and shocks in the home’s electric system is an electrical equipment that is not working properly.

For that reason to enhance home electric safety homeowners should have all their electric equipment checked out for malfunctions regularly.

On this you should note that it’s not right to use a faulty electric equipment at home not unless it has been inspected by a specialist in the area.

2. Switch off the Power During Maintenance

Some of the electrical faults that may occur at home may not require you to call an electrical specialists to handle them.

With that it is definite that you will be working on some of the electrical faults once in awhile. While taking care of the electric faults in your home always make sure that you switch off power from the circuit breaker.

This will ensure that no electric power will hit on you as you do the maintenance thus keeping the home safe from electric-related accidents

3.Secure the Plugs

Young children are always curious to explore everything they see in the home. With that it is definite that the electricity outlets in the home are likely to capture their attention.

Keeping an eye on the children is not enough to protect them from electric accidents that may result from them handling the electric outlets.

Out in the stores you will find very efficient outlet covers that will keep your young one safe when they play around with the outlets

4. Check for Warm Plugs

If you notice warm plugs or those that are flipping off the circuit breaker just know there is a fault in your electric system.

When you notice that it’s time you call an electric specialist to prevent the occurrence of electric shocks or fire in your home.

At times warm outlets are usually as a result of overloading. Ensure that you don’t overload the plugs with excess electric equipment because it can be dangerous

5. Get a Fire Extinguisher

In case of an electric fire in your home you should never use water to put it off because it conducts electricity.

With that you need to always have a fire-retardant chemical fire extinguisher in your home at all times to help you out in case of an electric fire occurrence

6. Check on the Lights

Do not assume it’s usual to have flickering lights every now and then. It is usually an indication of a fault in your electric system.

It could be suggesting that you have overloaded a single circuit or there is need to replace your electric panel.

When you notice such occurrences and you are not able to locate where the fault is its time you call your electrician to have a look at your electric system.


7. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Installation (GFCI)

If your home does not have the GFCI installation it’s definite that your home electrical safety is not well catered for.

GFCI is usually required in rooms with running water which include; bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchen.

When the GFCI is installed you will have it put off an electrical current from any circuit causing a shock hazard in the home.


With the above given 7 electrical safety tips homeowners should know it’s definite that you will be able to maintain a home environment that is safe from electricity accidents.

Always ensure that you check on these tips regularly to know when it’s necessary to call an electrician for the maintenance of your electric system.

Also note that electrical work can be dangerous thus anytime you are being involved in it you should be pretty careful.

Finally keeping all your family members knowledgeable on ways to reduce electricity related home accidents will be a good way of enhancing the home’s safety from electrical faults.


Domestic Pest Control Services

Save On Domestic Pest Control Services

Domestic Pest Control Services

Get 20% Off Domestic Pest Treatments

Domestic pest control services do more than just protect your home from insects and rodents. They also keep your family healthy. Getting regular pest treatment in your home is critical to its safety and comfort.

Domestic Pest Control Services

Save On Domestic Treatments

Pro Pest Control Brisbane is making it easier for you to keep those pests away from your property. They are a licensed pest control company and have been in business over 20 years.

Contact Pro Pest Control Brisbane to get 20% off of domestic pest treatments services. This special deal is available to all people in the local area.

It is critical that you get help with keeping pests out of your home; the special discount you will get on domestic pest control services from these guys gives you an ideal opportunity for getting such domestic treatments to work for you.

The Importance of Domestic Pest Control

You must keep your home protected from dangerous pests. A pest control service is a necessity for your home with many points in mind:

  • Pests leave bacteria around your home. These come from old droppings, shed shell or egg casings and much more. The bacteria could get into your airways and even in your home’s food supply.
  • Pests can also damage your physical property. This is especially the case with termites. Such pests will devour the structures around your home.
  • Foul odors and scents are often tracked by pests in your home. These come from the outside spaces that such pests might get into.
  • Pests are just visually unattractive and can keep your home from looking its best. Larger pests like rats that could run around the floors in your home are especially troubling.


Family Health Risks of Pests

Your health and the welfare of family members will also be at risk when pests hang around in your home. Such risks can be dangerous:

  • Some pests can trigger allergies from dust and other compounds. They can also cause people with asthma or other breathing difficulties to struggle with their breathing actions.
  • Pests can get into the food and water supply in your home. The bacteria they spread around your supplies could be harmful to your body.
  • The West Nile virus has become a significant threat in recent years. Typically transmitted by mosquitoes, it causes serious physical threats that could be deadly.
  • Larger pests also have bacteria that can spread rabies. This condition is fatal in pets.
  • The droppings and other items left behind by pests are often dangerous. These compounds include toxins from waste products that produce fumes. This is especially risky for children and pets.
  • Some pests can also bite people and transmit diseases. This is particularly the case with spiders.
  • Others can also bite people or pets. Bites can not only hurt but could also cause someone to become infected with a dangerous illness.

Check more:

Tips to Keep Your

No one wants pests in their home. Don’t let them stick around forever. Several things can be done to keep your home pest-free and safe from harm:

  • Get rid of any old or spoiled food sources that might be around your property. Open food spaces are spots that pests are more likely to get into than other spots.
  • Keep sealants applied around your home. These include sealants that go around the doors and windows of your home. Even the smallest crack or opening in your home could allow a pest to get into your space.
  • Vacuum your home regularly and clear out bits of dust. Dirty spaces are spots where pests can get into.
  • Keep your lawn properly manicured and trimmed. It is easier for pests to hide and thrive around your home if the lawn is not treated well. The cooler conditions inside a taller lawn with plenty of shade are conducive to producing good environments for pests.
  • Clear out any bits of standing water around your property. Pests often thrive in wet spots.
  • Schedule regular pest control services in your home. Getting your home treated once or twice a year helps. This comes as some pest infestations in your home might be difficult to spot due to how small some of these pests might be.

Pest Control

The team at Franklim Chamber of Commerce would also like to thank Pro Pest Control Brisbane for their continued support of the local community.…

6 Ways Small Business Helps the Local Community

6 Ways Business Helps the Community

Small businesses have become the core of local communities.

They are small scale businesses operated by local farmers, professionals, craftsmen and other service providers.

The immense contribution they make to the growth and well-being of these communities should not be under looked.

Below are numerous ways through which small businesses help the local community

Top 6 Ways Small Businesses Help the Local Community

Small businesses help the local community

  • Creating local jobs

There is no better way of supporting your family, friends and neighbors to establish a small business in your town.

These people do not have to travel far to look for jobs.They work closer to home which in turn makes them more fulfilled.

The best part is to money just circulates within the city and greatly boosts the local economy.

  • Gives the community its unique identity

Every community has its own unique identity. Most of the time this identity is derived from the economic activities that society is famous for.

Some communities are famous for good and fresh farm products, others for good art work and so on.

This identity is maintained when the small businesses decide to operate locally. For example one of your best farmers decide to have a shop locally instead of directly selling his products to giant retailers.

  • Boosts the economy of the local community

Small businesses increases the level of taxation for a local community and ensures the money remains in that society.

In addition to that it also decreases the poverty levels as more people move to become entrepreneurs as others also get employed.

This effectively substitutes low wage income and transforms the community to a middle class society.

Local entrepreneurs also buy locally and thus pumps back most or all of their profit into the local community.

  • Increase in local charities or donations

This is a way of giving back to the community that has nurtured and given them an enabling environment.

Through these charities the community gets more social amenities put up.

Schools and health facilities are also developed thereby improving the overall lifestyle of community members.

Owners of small businesses have also been very instrumental in ensuring orphaned and vulnerable children get access to education.

  • Providing training and apprenticeship opportunities

Small businesses provide an opportunity for the youth to learn a trade and skill. These skills are in turn used to work in the community.

It is a golden initiative because some of these individuals may not have the money to pay for college.

For instance a local craftsman can provide training to interested youths and later offer them employment or give them funds to start their own businesses.

Top 6 Ways Small Businesses Help the Local Community

  • A wide variety of products for the locals

If small businesses are supported and more established through training and apprenticeship then the community will be extremely satisfied.

There will be a variety of products to choose from. Everything will be available, whether you desire something from the farm, manufacturing or fashion industries you are sure to get it.

In terms of food products it’s even better if they are manufactured locally. This ensures they are fresh and have no preservatives.


A local community that supports small businesses amasses so much money and talent.

Such a community makes its people confident and proud of themselves because they can produce, sell, buy and invest.

They love one another and ensures children get education, professionals get employment, entrepreneurs emerge and their economy grows.

The local government should therefore provide an enabling environment that is secure and loaded with infrastructure.…

New Franklin Chamber Of Commerce Website

Welcome to The New Franklin Township Chamber Of Commerce Website.

The Franklin Township Chamber of Commerce of proiud to announce the launch of our new and improved website. The new site was made using a responsive WordPress theme which is mobile friendly. We’re excited to be able to bing you frequent news and events via the blog.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the commitee and everyone at the Chamber of Commerce Community.

As usual if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact our team.…