8 Electrical Safety Tips Homeowners Should Know

7 Electrical Safety Tips Homeowners Should Know

Best Electrical Safety Tips

Electricity is quite an important resource to our homes but can be very harmful if not properly handled. Most of electricity related accidents that occur in homes are due to ignorance involved while handling the electric systems.

Having a home electrical safety inspection regularly is always a good way to keep you and your family safe from electrical accidents.

However, even with the electrical safety inspections homeowners are still left with a role to play in keeping their homes free from electric oversights.

electricity tips homeowners should know

Electrical Safety Tips1. All Electrical Equipment should be In Order

One of the causes for closed circuits and shocks in the home’s electric system is an electrical equipment that is not working properly.

For that reason to enhance home electric safety homeowners should have all their electric equipment checked out for malfunctions regularly.

On this you should note that it’s not right to use a faulty electric equipment at home not unless it has been inspected by a specialist in the area.

2. Switch off the Power During Maintenance

Some of the electrical faults that may occur at home may not require you to call an electrical specialists to handle them.

With that it is definite that you will be working on some of the electrical faults once in awhile. While taking care of the electric faults in your home always make sure that you switch off power from the circuit breaker.

This will ensure that no electric power will hit on you as you do the maintenance thus keeping the home safe from electric-related accidents

3.Secure the Plugs

Young children are always curious to explore everything they see in the home. With that it is definite that the electricity outlets in the home are likely to capture their attention.

Keeping an eye on the children is not enough to protect them from electric accidents that may result from them handling the electric outlets.

Out in the stores you will find very efficient outlet covers that will keep your young one safe when they play around with the outlets

4. Check for Warm Plugs

If you notice warm plugs or those that are flipping off the circuit breaker just know there is a fault in your electric system.

When you notice that it’s time you call an electric specialist to prevent the occurrence of electric shocks or fire in your home.

At times warm outlets are usually as a result of overloading. Ensure that you don’t overload the plugs with excess electric equipment because it can be dangerous

5. Get a Fire Extinguisher

In case of an electric fire in your home you should never use water to put it off because it conducts electricity.

With that you need to always have a fire-retardant chemical fire extinguisher in your home at all times to help you out in case of an electric fire occurrence

6. Check on the Lights

Do not assume it’s usual to have flickering lights every now and then. It is usually an indication of a fault in your electric system.

It could be suggesting that you have overloaded a single circuit or there is need to replace your electric panel.

When you notice such occurrences and you are not able to locate where the fault is its time you call your electrician to have a look at your electric system.


7. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Installation (GFCI)

If your home does not have the GFCI installation it’s definite that your home electrical safety is not well catered for.

GFCI is usually required in rooms with running water which include; bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchen.

When the GFCI is installed you will have it put off an electrical current from any circuit causing a shock hazard in the home.


With the above given 7 electrical safety tips homeowners should know it’s definite that you will be able to maintain a home environment that is safe from electricity accidents.

Always ensure that you check on these tips regularly to know when it’s necessary to call an electrician for the maintenance of your electric system.

Also note that electrical work can be dangerous thus anytime you are being involved in it you should be pretty careful.

Finally keeping all your family members knowledgeable on ways to reduce electricity related home accidents will be a good way of enhancing the home’s safety from electrical faults.